Malachi Bible Study


The book of Malachi is about how God's people cannot be faithful to the covenant. They've failed again and again. And while God will deal with their sin, he will not abandon them. He promises to redeem a remnant and send a Messiah to fulfill his covenant promises. This JournalOwl Bible Study journal takes you into a quick 4-step journey of introspection and reflection on Malachi.


A challenge from the book of Malachi, Chapters 1-4 (King James Version edition)

Steps (4)

Step 1: Malachi - Chapter 1

"I have loved you," says the LORD. "Where is my honour? You offer blind and lame sacrifices. My name will be great among the nations."

Step 2: Malachi - Chapter 2

"Now, O priests, I will curse you. You have corrupted the covenant of Levi." Judah has profaned the sanctuary. The LORD hates divorce.

Step 3: Malachi - Chapter 3

"My messenger will prepare the way. I will come to judge. You have robbed me of tithes. The LORD will remember those who serve him."

Step 4: Malachi - Chapter 4

"The day is coming like a furnace. The sun of righteousness will rise. The wicked will be ashes. I will send you Elijah the prophet."
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