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Micah is a Book in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible that describes God's coming judgement on Israel. Although this Book describes a coming judgement; it also reminds everyone of God's mercy and restore people to the land of Israel. Join this JournalOwl Bible Study journey to hear from Micah the prophet, watch short explainer videos, and answer thought-provoking questions in your Bible journal.


A challenge from the book of Micah, Chapters 1-7 (King James Version edition)

Steps (8)

Step 1: Micah - Chapter 1

The LORD is coming! The mountains will melt. "I will make Samaria a ruin." Her wound is incurable. Disaster has come to Jerusalem.

Step 2: Micah - Chapter 2

Woe to those who plot evil! The LORD says: "I am planning disaster. My people have risen up like an enemy. I will gather a remnant."

Step 3: Micah - Chapter 3

You rulers tear the skin from my people. The LORD says, "The sun will set for the prophets." Zion will be ploughed up like a field.

Step 4: Micah - Chapter 4

In the last days, nations will come to the mountain of the LORD. Zion will be rescued from Babylon. "I will give you horns of iron."

Step 5: Micah - Chapter 5

"From you, O Bethlehem, will come a ruler." The remnant of Jacob will be like a lion. "I will punish the nations that did not obey."

Step 6: Micah - Chapter 6

"O my people, have I wearied you?" What does the LORD require? Act justly and love mercy. "I will make you desolate for your sins."

Step 7: Micah - Chapter 7

The godly have perished from the earth. But I will look to the LORD. The nations will tremble. Who is a God like you, forgiving sin?

Step 8: Quiz

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