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The message is clear: failure was not due to any fault in the preparation, because Yahweh had foreseen everything, but to Israel's sin of unfaithfulness. In the final section, the Israelites of the new generation follow Yahweh's instructions as given through Moses and are successful in all they attempt.


A challenge from the book of Numbers, Chapters 1-36 (King James Version edition)

Steps (37)

Step 1: Numbers - Chapter 1

The LORD told Moses to count the Israelite armies. The number of men over twenty years old was 603,550. The Levites were not counted.

Step 2: Numbers - Chapter 2

The Israelites shall camp around the tabernacle: Judah to the east, Reuben to the south, Ephraim to the west and Dan to the north.

Step 3: Numbers - Chapter 3

The Levites are to assist Aaron. I have taken them in place of every firstborn. The number of Levites over one month old was 22,000.

Step 4: Numbers - Chapter 4

The Kohathites are to carry the most holy things. The Gershonites are to carry the coverings. The Merarites are to carry the frame.

Step 5: Numbers - Chapter 5

Anyone who sins shall make restitution and add a fifth. If a man suspects his wife of unfaithfulness he shall take her to the priest.

Step 6: Numbers - Chapter 6

Anyone who makes a Nazirite vow shall not drink wine or cut their hair. Aaron's blessing shall be: "The LORD bless you and keep you."

Step 7: Numbers - Chapter 7

The leader of each tribe brought a grain offering, a burnt offering, a sin offering and peace offerings. Moses spoke with the LORD.

Step 8: Numbers - Chapter 8

Present the Levites as a wave offering to the LORD and make atonement for them. I have set them apart to serve at the tent of meeting.

Step 9: Numbers - Chapter 9

In the first month of the second year the Israelites kept the Passover. Whenever the cloud lifted from the tabernacle they journeyed.

Step 10: Numbers - Chapter 10

Make two silver trumpets to direct the congregation. In the second month the cloud lifted and they set out as the LORD had commanded.

Step 11: Numbers - Chapter 11

The people grumbled that they had no meat. The LORD was angry but he sent quails. He put his Spirit on seventy elders to help Moses.

Step 12: Numbers - Chapter 12

Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses. The LORD was angry and Miriam became leprous. Moses prayed and after seven days she returned.

Step 13: Numbers - Chapter 13

Moses sent men to spy out the land of Canaan. Caleb said, "Let us go up," but the others said that the inhabitants were too strong.

Step 14: Numbers - Chapter 14

The people grumbled so the LORD said that they would spend forty years in the wilderness. They went up to the land but were defeated.

Step 15: Numbers - Chapter 15

There is one law for you and for strangers. Make an offering if you sin unintentionally. Anyone who sins defiantly shall be cut off.

Step 16: Numbers - Chapter 16

Korah, Dathan and Abiram rose against Moses and Aaron. Moses said, "The LORD will choose." The ground swallowed up those with Korah.

Step 17: Numbers - Chapter 17

The LORD told Moses to bring a staff from each tribal leader to the Tent of Meeting to stop the grumbling. Aaron's staff blossomed.

Step 18: Numbers - Chapter 18

The LORD told Aaron: "I have given you the Levites to work at the Tent of Meeting. Everything that is devoted to the LORD is yours."

Step 19: Numbers - Chapter 19

Burn a heifer outside the camp for the water of cleansing. Anyone who is unclean and does not cleanse themselves shall be cut off.

Step 20: Numbers - Chapter 20

The LORD told Moses to speak to a rock to produce water but he struck the rock. Edom refused Israel passage. Aaron died at Mount Hor.

Step 21: Numbers - Chapter 21

The people grumbled so the LORD sent snakes. Moses made a bronze snake and whoever looked at it lived. Israel defeated the Amorites.

Step 22: Numbers - Chapter 22

Balak sent for Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam's donkey warned him. The Angel of the LORD said, "Go, but speak only what I tell you."

Step 23: Numbers - Chapter 23

The LORD gave Balaam a word: "How can I curse whom God has not cursed?" Then at another place: "The LORD their God is with Israel."

Step 24: Numbers - Chapter 24

Balaam gave a word: "How lovely are your tents, O Jacob." Balak was angry. Balaam said: "A star and a sceptre shall rise in Israel."

Step 25: Numbers - Chapter 25

The people were unfaithful with Moabite women and worshipped their gods. Phinehas killed one couple and the LORD commended his zeal.

Step 26: Numbers - Chapter 26

The LORD told Moses and Eleazar to take a census. There were 601,730 fighting men and 23,000 Levites. Only Joshua and Caleb remained.

Step 27: Numbers - Chapter 27

The daughters of Zelophehad were given an inheritance. The LORD told Moses that he was to die. Moses commissioned Joshua as leader.

Step 28: Numbers - Chapter 28

Bring offerings each morning and evening, on the Sabbath and on the first of the month. Celebrate Passover and the Feast of Weeks.

Step 29: Numbers - Chapter 29

In the seventh month on first day sound the trumpets; on the tenth day make atonement; on the fifteenth day celebrate for seven days.

Step 30: Numbers - Chapter 30

When a man makes a vow he must not break his word. When a woman makes a vow it shall stand unless her father or husband forbids it.

Step 31: Numbers - Chapter 31

The LORD told Moses to take vengeance on the Midianites. The Israelites killed the men, burned their cities and divided the spoils.

Step 32: Numbers - Chapter 32

Reuben and Gad asked to settle in Gilead. Moses agreed if they helped to conquer the land, so Reuben, Gad and Manasseh built cities.

Step 33: Numbers - Chapter 33

The Israelites journeyed from Egypt. In the fortieth year Aaron died. They camped by the Jordan and the LORD said, "Take the land."

Step 34: Numbers - Chapter 34

Your borders in Canaan shall be Edom, the Great Sea, Mount Hor and the Jordan. Eleazar and Joshua shall divide the land among you.

Step 35: Numbers - Chapter 35

You shall give cities to the Levites. Appoint cites of refuge for anyone who has killed accidently. A murderer shall be put to death.

Step 36: Numbers - Chapter 36

The clan of Gilead asked about Zelophehad's daughters. Moses said, "Daughters who inherit land must marry within their own tribe."

Step 37: Quiz

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