What Career Type Suits Your Personality?



Have you ever wondered what your perfect career could be, based on your personality alone? What job would you excel in? What career path would you feel happiest in? Well, have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs 16 personalities? The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a questionnaire designed to identify your personality type and how you view and interact with the world. Watch this video to find out what career suits your personality!

Steps (18)

Step 1: Intro

Step 2: ISTJ - Inspector

Step 3: ISTP - The Craftsman

Step 4: ISFJ - The Nuturer

Step 5: ISFP - The Composer

Step 6: INFJ - The Counselor

Step 7: INFP - The Idealist

Step 8: INTJ - The Mastermind

Step 9: INTP - The Thinker

Step 10: ESTP - The Persuader

Step 11: ESTJ - The Director

Step 12: ESFP - The Performer

Step 13: ESFJ - The Caregiver

Step 14: ENFP - The Champion

Step 15: ENFJ - The Giver

Step 16: ENFP - The Debater

Step 17: ENTJ - The Commander

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