Writing Your Memoirs


Want to write your life story? In 21 days, we walk you through step-by-step to creating your autobiography: complete with photos, videos, and writings.Why write your memoirs? You will leave a legacy - your story. Speak directly across time to your descendants Help protect the history of your family Inspire someone else with your story Open the door to reconcile open issues


Want to write your own life story? 

Today, more and more families are missing out on the valuable experiences of hanging out with grandparents and other members of their extended family. 

Life is hectic and people follow their careers – often scattered across the globe.

Sure, social platforms and secure video like Zoom have helped bridge the communication gap, but wouldn’t it be nice to write your own life story? Over the next couple of generations, our children and their children – who have largely been raised on social media, rather than family stories and values – may come to know very little about their ancestry and traditions.

That’s where JournalOwl can help.

Over the next 21 days, we will guide you every day to writing, vlogging, and audio recording a digital autobiography – your Memoirs. 

Imagine yourself being able to give your life story to loved ones as a gift? This challenge is ideal for baby-boomers, new parents, aunties, and uncles who have a message to share with others.

Ready to get started? 

Steps (1)

Step 1: Choose a Theme


Remember, failing to choose a theme is a huge mistake that people make. Start the process by choosing your theme. If you want to pass the memoir down to your family members, select a theme that contains something you want to share.

What if you have lots of different themes you want to include? Stick to a single theme for your memoir, but don’t discard the other themes. You can tackle another theme for your next memoir, and so on. That’s what’s so great about writing a memoir in 21 days. You’ll have ample time to write more if you wish.

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