Zephaniah Bible Study


The book of Zephaniah contains some of the most intense images of God's justice and hope found in the prophetic books. Zephaniah warns Israel and the surrounding nations that the Day of the Lord is near. God will judge the nations with a burning fire as he purifies them from sin, evil, and violence.


A challenge from the book of Zephaniah, Chapters 1-3 (King James Version edition)

Steps (4)

Step 1: Zephaniah - Chapter 1

"I will sweep away everything from the earth," declares the LORD. The day of the LORD is near. "I will bring distress on mankind."

Step 2: Zephaniah - Chapter 2

Seek the LORD, you humble. Gaza shall be deserted. The LORD is against you, O Canaan. He will stretch out his hand to destroy Assyria.

Step 3: Zephaniah - Chapter 3

Woe to the rebellious city! "I have cut off nations. I will leave a humble people." Sing, O Zion! The LORD will quiet you by his love.

Step 4: Quiz

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